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Transmitters/ Transmitters with engineering workShow a map of all the UK TV transmitters that have current or planned engineering work.
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Links/ Opinion: What's driving the convergence of film and TVWhere films used to rely on a theatrical release and festival premieres, the ways in which audiences consume film and TV are now very much intertwined. These adaptions have shaken up industry norms around what makes a script fit for film or TV. And from a stylistic perspective, TV series more and more are resembling specific effects and creative choices from popular films. -
Podcasts/ 17/03/2023
Podcasts/ Writing a First Draft of History
Podcasts/ The Great Impartiality Debate
Podcasts/ 10/03/2023
Podcasts/ We Need to Talk About Gary
Podcasts/ We Need to Talk About Gary
Links/ The BBC news channel revamp has been a PR disaster
Podcasts/ Covid's back in the news
Links/ More sat channels switch to MPEG4 and HEVC > RXTV info