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Challenged on the numbers front. Is this rude?
No just amusing.

Thanks; it is really interesting.

The whole thing is also a reminder -if necessary these days of highly unchallengeable "numbers" dispensed from on high - of the difficulty of giving a good & honest picture of things, even when you really want to!

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Well Briantist, I think he was joking.
However it is a bad thing actually that so many accept automatically that Napoleon's approach to mensuration was/is intrinsically and uniformly the beginning of proper science.
There was never anything remotely useful in subdividing the approximated circumference of the Earth - or whatever; just conceit. Feet and inches are indeed just fine; arguably better. They are most remarkably persistent!
Anyway I am sure he was joking.
No- no, not Napoleon ... that's unlikely.

And really THANK YOU for this wonderful website.

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Hi Briantist:

To bridge a bit:

Yere I reckon there have been lots of Enlightenments- mainly well out of the records.

It's a pity we are so busy stepping off one.

Your site is a breath of fresh air (and no mention of impact, ...., going forward, Gwoof or "GDP"! )

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re Music on " R 4" ie Home service.

Third was on 465 metres ... noisy as hell, ok for Talk INFO.
The 1 meg "Home Service" was a much better signal in many parts of the UK ... and could be near so called HiFi, with a bit of care.

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Dump the delivery, and the utterers of same!!
Why reinvent a square wheel? Sorry; forgot - its made of digital steam, worth at least one 3mil thumper.

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Monty Python's Great Big Massivist-ever Quest for the HOLY Dish Cloth.


How to make subtle comments about a management courses, and not get away with it.

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Thanks for that Brianist!!

I really, truly mean that.
Little Green men: watch out for the newer tribe.

PS easy to forget, but worth occasional mention: is ...... really not a half bad site ......

Thanks a lot .


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Monday 27 April 2015 4:40PM

GREAT! as usual ... which makes for faint praise...


How about (clears heavy cobwebs, with scissors)

LONG WAVE surperb-issimo that fall back that is so good you wonder why you bothered to wave change; must be the digitized overlay on the real brain.

Always wanted a LW TX in my garden; that bit around the shed. Lots of ferrite, with sparks. Touch the universe.

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The idea - if you think about it - was that at the transmitter you did things in such a way that a thing they termed Signal, created there and just that once, was such that a veritable hoard of "potential" customer receivers would have to do the least to get the most.
One expensive Put; millions of cheap simple reliable Gets that would make an industry and .... so much more.

Since then we have learned to rate transparently creepy "financial engineering tools", once rejected on sight by every grandmother, reach into government and become accepted as reality.

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